Andy the Anteater

In our opinion, the prize for the cutest animals goes to the order of Xenarthra, formed by the sloth, armadillo and anteater families. They have a very slow metabolism and are one of the oldest mammals around. Andy arrived only a few weeks old and has a lot of growing to do still. Neonatal mammals are one of Merazonia's specialities. That is why the ministry ideally brings them to us when they are found or confiscated.  We teach her the ways of the jungle every day where she slurps at termite nests. In addition, she receives a complex baby formula to help her grow and get all the vitamins she needs, like vitamin K. So apart from cute, neonates are costly. Adopting Andy would be of great help to us while we raise her for future release. For $15 a month we can make her grow and develop into a healthy free roaming anteater (who will eventually eat up to 30,000 insects a day!). Help us support Andy and adopt Andy with the amount of your choice! You will receive regular info on her wellbeing and development.

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