Nubes the Coati

Curious, investigative, energetic: coatis are inquisitive relatives of the raccoon. The females live in groups where the males are solitary. They explore up and down trees with their ankles that can rotate 60 degrees and scurry around the jungle floor with their ringed tails in the air. Fun fact: if you play a video of them in reverse, they look like a mini brontosaurus! Nubes is a young coati that has been under our care for while now. Slowly but steadily she is growing into the omnivorous animal she ought to be. Soon, we hope to introduce her to some other females we have in order to form a group that can be released! Neonatal animals are one of Merazonia's specialities. That is why the ministry ideally brings them to us when found or confiscated. But young animals are costly. We spend around $15 per month on her care. Help us brighten up the future adopt her for the monthly amount you prefer!

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