Archie the Woolly Monkey

One of Merazonia’s strengths is the care of neonatal mammals. That is why the ministry ideally brings them to us when they are found or confiscated.  As Archie arrived around 4 months old, we give him 24 hour attention as well as a specialized diet. We give him lots of comfort as his mother would have and encourage him to start climbing trees. Young monkeys such as woolly monkey Archie here often start blossoming once they arrive at Merazonia and get the protection and care they need. Neonate care for woolly monkeys does not come cheap though. We will spend about $30 a month on a woolly monkey baby like Archie.  Help us support Archie and adopt him with the amount of your choice! With your adoption, you will receive regular updates on his wellbeing, development, and interaction with other monkeys in the future. 

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